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What is GenRock?

We are an Artist development start-up and we focus on the all round development of our artists. We cover distribution, consultancy and release planning in all of our packages.

We have been working with over 90 artists – distributed over 300 tracks and have more than 15 Million streams across all streaming services.

Why makes GenRock Different than Distrokid, Tunecore, etc?

GenRock is not just a distributor – we provide Artist development services focus on the all round development of our artists. We cover a free consultancy session with our packages and provide release planning for each release.

Unlike all other services, we assign an artist manager to you who will take care of all your queries and questions – this means, you no longer have to talk to dumb bots and get to talk to an actual human!

What Streaming services are included?

Almost all Streaming services are included in all of our packages. While the list spans to more than 100 services but the main networks that you would are about are:

  • Spotify
  • iTunes Apple Music
  • Instagram/Facebook
  • JioSaavn
  • Wynk Music
  • Gaana
  • YouTube Music
  • Resso
  • Amazon Music
  • TikTok
  • Deezer
  • SoundCloud
  • MX Player
  • Pandora
  • Napster

Other than this we also deliver all tracks to YouTube Content ID and callertunes to all major Telecom Networks.

What is Content ID?

What is Content ID

Content ID is a digital fingerprinting system developed by Google which is used to easily identify and manage copyrighted content on YouTube.

When a match is found, the video gets a Content ID claim and one of the 3 actions above is applied to the claimed video :

  • Block a whole video from being viewed
  • Monetize the video by running ads against it and sometimes sharing revenue with the uploader
  • Track the video’s viewership statistics

How it affects you?

When you – or anyone else – uploads your track on YouTube, the video may get a copyright claim from your distributor (depending on your agreement with them). Post this, you might start seeing ADs on that video, DON’T WORRY – this AD revenue will be provided to you with your periodic royalty payments by your distributor. You can also opt to remove this claim by reaching out to your distributor.

ALSO, Content ID claims are Copyright Claims not Copyright Strikes! They do not have a negative effect on your channel. Only drawback to these claims are that the views collected on your YouTube video will not count towards your monetization goals.

What is Custom Label?

(Spotify screen shots of two artists without and with custom label)

By default all plans will come wit GenRock Music as your Label Name,

You can choose a custom label name with Artist Plus Plans and above.

(Custom label can be granted in very rare cases for Single Package, but will not be done for Artist Package unless you upgrade to Artist Plus)

Who owns the Copyrights to my releases?

In all cases and packages (Even with Custom Labels ) – The artist holds 100% rights of their track.

Special Copyright agreements will be made in case of “GenRock Records” and for productions done by GenRock.

Can GenRock help me promote and market my tracks?

In all packages, GenRock will provide Playlist Pitching for new releases (that are uploaded atleast 20 days before release)

Tracks that are selected by GenRock team might get featured on Social Media posts and AD’s free of cost.

If an artist or label wants to get marketing assistance (Social media posts, Ad campaigns, Release enhancements) they can contact our team.

Does release planning make any difference? / I want my track to be releases ASAP / How long does GenRock take to get my release live?

We technically can push your tracks to be released asap – but unless your marketing and promotion campaign is very solid, we suggest against it.

Crux of the entire distribution process is –

  1. Artist Uploads their track on our portal.
  2. We check and approve all tracks and metadata manually.
  3. If approved – we send the track to streaming services to go live on the release date. (this takes around 0-48 hours)
  4. Now two things can happen depending on your release date –
  • if your release date is atleast 15-20 days in the future your track gets a chance to be pitched to editorial teams of various streaming services and if chosen it will be placed in a playlist that suits the track. Even if it is not chosen it will be placed in the “Release Radar” playlist of your followers anyway. If your track gets playlisted – it gives a boost to your plays and reach (Depending on the scale of the playlist and your profile.)
  • If your release date is not set for atleast 15 days in the future – you don’t get a chance to playlist it and it’s very likely it wont show up in your followers release radar. that’s all.
How do I withdraw my earnings?

Every 2-3 months we will share your analytics and royalty reports that will be shared to you by your artist manager. If your earnings are above the minimum threshold of 500 you can request to withdraw your earnings directly to your bank account.

Can you help me claim my OAC (official artists channel) on YouTube?

Yes, for the process you must have atleast 3 tracks distributed to YouTube Music by GenRock and have them transferred to your Topic Channel (By default YouTube sends your track to a various artist topic channel)

Can I move my track from some other distributor to GenRock?

Yes, while uploading your track you can share your ISRC and UPC codes (which you can find from your distributor) and we will reupload the tracks to your profile. If you are not able to find these codes, you can contact your artist manager and they will help you get this done.

Will GenRock take my tracks down after my subscription has ended?

No, for all tracks uploaded after 30th March 2022 – we will not take your tracks down – EVEN IF YOUR SUBSCRIPTION HAS ENDED. However to upload new tracks you will have to purchase a new Membership.

Can I distribute my Cover/Remix through GenRock?/Can I use samples or YouTube Copyright free beats in my tracks?

In most cases – No.

You can only distribute music that you have created yourself and own the rights to. If you want to upload a cover you can purchase a cover license over the internet. If you are using an Internet beat you must share the License agreement showing that the beat can be used for profit.

GenRock reserves all rights to refuse to distribute your track or terminate your membership if you repeatedly upload unauthorised content.

How long does it take for a track to get approved?

We try to process all tracks within 24 hours of upload.

What does Upload Status : “Awaiting Approval” mean?

“Awaiting Approval” means that the track that you have submitted is not yet approved by GenRock’s ingestion team.

What does Upload status : “Approved” mean?

Upload status : “Approved” means that your track has been approved by GenRock Ingestion Team and has been delivered to streaming services. (At this step we are waiting for approval from networks before the track goes live)

What does Upload status : “Rejected” mean?

Upload status : “Rejected” means that your track has not been approved by GenRock Ingestion Team. You will be notified why this rejection has occurred and how you can rectify it.

What does Upload status : “Returned” mean?

Upload status : “Returned” means that your track has been rejected by atleast one streaming service. You will be notified why this rejection has occurred and how you can rectify it.

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